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Our Company Values


A set of basic beliefs, ways of thinking, and behaving that reflect the company's culture and are trusted by the company's management to guide good behavior for all MC'ers in carrying out their duties and carrying out the Mission to achieve the Company's Vision


    Lincah & Gesit
    Fokus Pelanggan
    Tumbuh Bersama

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The ability to forge ahead in a constantly changing environment, no uncertain, complicated or unclear by encouraging adjustment through improvement that is sustainable and adapts to changing situations, people and developments needs

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The ability by which a person can be trusted as an honest person, take responsibility, do what is said and get the job done with an agreed schedule to help the company achieve organizational goals

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Ability to find / create alternative solutions in new ways, different and original through the application of knowledge, skills and experience

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Customer Fokus

understanding customer needs by providing solutions and services beyond expectations by maintaining productive relationship with internal and external customers

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Growing Together

plan and promote the development of individual and organizational competencies