Why should I choose PT. Margacipta Wirasentosa as my strategic partner?

As our strategic partner, you are part of a growing and collaborative network of performance plastic professionals who are dedicated to quality products and quality customer service.

How do I obtain distributorship of MC® cast acrylic sheet?

We select our strategic partners carefully and consider:
  • Reputation & Experience
  • Corporate Culture, Goals & Vision
  • Geographic Market Coverage Area
  • Resources
  • Performance
Feel free to contact us directly.

What is so special about MC® cast acrylic sheet?

  • Resilient, Easy to Handle and Fabricate
  • High End Raw Material Only - No Re-Grind or Recycled Raw Material
  • Strict compliance with ASTM D-4802 & L-P-391D Standards
  • Superior Thickness Tolerance Achieved Through Proprietary Production Procedures
  • Heat thermoformable PE and Paper Masking options
  • Protective Palletizing and Bracing for Safe Transport
  • Custom Colors and Sizes Available Upon Request
  • Over 162,000 SKUs to choose

Where do I find your products in my market area?

Margacipta maintains a global network of marketing partners. Contact us with your requirements and location and we’ll put you in touch with your local distributors

How do you ship MC cast acrylic sheet?

We ship them in either 20’ containers or 40’containers via sea freight. For large sheet size ( e.g. 2030mm x 3050mm), we suggest that 40’containers be used.

Can you colour match?

Yes, we have an experienced color matching team who are constantly creating new colors and matching corporate/custom colors. The matching process typically takes approximately 1-2 working weeks for standard colors. Custom and specialty colors require more time to collect the correct pigment components. To get started, just send us a sample of the color to be matched along with a brief description of the application.

What is the lead time?

Lead time really depends on:
  • The composition of the order ( size & colours) as some size are busier than others.
  • The production queue at the time of order confirmation
Thus, we suggest you forward us the order composition and estimated confirmation date to get a more accurate answer. The standard is 3-4 weeks production.

What is the difference between Cell Cast, Continuous Cast & Extruded Acrylic sheet?

Cell Cast Continuous Cast Acrylic Extruded Acrylic
Best optical clarity Lower clarity Lowest clarity
Highest Molecular weight (highest durability, stability, resistance) Lower Lowest
Easiest fabrication (minimum shrikage – 2% length & breadth) Harder fabrication (gumming, high shrinking 5%, extrusion line) Harder fabrication (gumming, high shrinking 5%, extrusion line)
Lowest colour MOQ & flexibility on size and colour Less flexible, higher MOQ Less flexible, higher MOQ
Highest surface hardness Softer, easier to scratch Softest
Higher thickness tolerance Stricter thickness tolerance Stricter thickness tolerance

What is the difference between Virgin MMA & Recycled MMA Acrylic sheet? How do we identify mixed recycled MMA acrylic sheet?

RECYCLED MMA Acrylic Sheet VIRGIN MMA Acrylic Sheet
Easy to become yellowish Lasts upto 10 years with minimum yellowing index ( UV stabilized)
Light penetration less than 80% Light penetration more than 92%
Inferior weather, physical & chemical resistance Superior resistance
Inferior colour & dimensional stability due to unstable monomer binding Superior stability
Strong odour pollution during fabrication Mild to no odour
  • Vision: yellowish (especially looking horizontally piled acrylic sheet)
  • Touch: surface easier to scratch
  • Smell : strong smell pollution during stocking or fabrication
  • Burn test: bubble, black smoke and strong smell will appear
  • During thermoforming: tends to deform & generate bubble
Hairline cracking and lines during painting/ printing due to low chemical resistance

What is recommended temperatures for fabricating MC® cast acrylic sheet?

  • Recommended temperature: -30 - 80 celcius
  • Start to soften: above 80 celcius
  • Hot bending: 105 - 110 celcius
  • Thermoforming range: 120 - 180 celcius
  • Optimum Oven temperature: 166-170 celcius
  • Degradation point (burning, bubbling): 190-200 celcius

What is the suitable “adhesive” for MC® cast acrylic sheet?

  • Commercial grade Methylene Chloride; Chloroform ( illegal in most countries);
  • Special acrylic welding solution eg: IPS Weld On from USA #3 or #16 ( stronger)
MC ® EZ8 Acrylic Sheet is also available to enhance welding performance. It is formulated for fabricators looking to improve welding time and strength. It has upto 25% shorter welding times than regular cast acrylic sheet.

Is MC® Cast Acrylic sheet suitable for direct printing?

Yes, it is. Print direct using UV Flatbed Printer